The Day After April Fools’ Day

Today is the day when all true pranksters shine … the day AFTER April Fools’ Day!

I never really get into the April Fools spirit and I wish I did. It seems like so much fun. Causing misery and anguish for loved ones and peers.

I have a lot of great ideas when it comes to pranks, but they always cross some sort of line. Either they’re too personal or they cost a lot money.

As I’m a student, the only people really close to me would kick me out of their house if I pranked them too badly (my parents).

Here’s a list of harmless April Fools pranks you can do on people and surely not get kicked out of the house or beat up.

Happy Fooling!



The Fishes New Home

ImageNow the Fishes are here! They are three Red Gold Mollies. They’re named Philip Fishington, they all have the same name mainly because they all look the same. While I was picking up the fish i grabbed a sunken ship, some food and a bottle of ick killing stuff. So far there’s been no sign of the ick coming back, hopefully it stays that way. 

cleanin time!!


ImageSo now that i have the fish tank the next step is to clean it. The fish that were in the tank died of ick, a terrible fish disease that causes spots to form on the fish and it will most likely die. I read online to that cleaning the tank and everything in the tank with hot salt water should remove the ick parisite. 


Boiling salt water


Also i cleaned the pebbles from the tank in a light bleach solution, afterwords i rinsed them vigorously to get all the bleach off. Image

Got the tank! Onward to fishdom!

Well the first step of getting a fish is getting a tank. I have successfully acquired a tank from a class mate. I was expecting a glass rectangle and not a whole lot more. Once I received the tank I found out that it was actually an amazing L.E.D lit fish tank with a built in filter.


Kaleigh Abraham – Learning Something New


For my learn something new assignment I wanted to learn how to do a back walk over successfully by myself. I’ve taught Kinder Gym Gymnastic classes for a year and a half and participated in gymnastics as a child at a basic level.

I understand the elements needed to complete a back walk over, however performing one myself is something I have never done. I have tried a few half attempts, where a friend spots me as I fall into a bridge from standing. With another attempt starting from a bridge and walking up a wall and kicking into the end standing position. Having tried the first half and the second half separately I feel I know what is needed to complete this sequence, I’m just nervous to fall back into my bridge unsupported in case I land awkwardly on my wrist.

I need to work more on my shoulder and back flexibility to be able to perform this move correctly and safely. Having until the end of April I’m confident that I could learn to attempt this move independently and have mostly acceptable form.

helpful aids

I want to try using a yoga ball as a brace for my back to complete the walk-over until I have enough confidence and flexibility to do one independently of props or braces. At gymnastic studios props such as the roller (above) would be used to aid those learning the move. I would just substitute that for a yoga ball. When completed my performance would look similar to the picture below if all goes well.
sequence complete

Kaleigh Abraham

NAIT Radio

Ali takes on an Edmonton winter

Trying to decide what new to learn was a long process for me. I wanted to become a dream expert, read tarot cards, and learn how to juggle. All of these went down the drain when I learned that becoming a dream expert isn’t really a thing, reading tarot cards are kind of sketchy in Edmonton, and juggling is something that I’ve been trying to learn for years now and I am pretty terrible.

I began to think, what have I been doing in the past couple months that is new to me without even realizing. Moving from Vancouver to Edmonton came to mind, but I have lived in a new place before so that wasn’t something completely new. One thing that I have never experienced before is a ridiculously cold Edmonton winter.


Taking on this new experience that I didn’t realize would be as intense as it has been, was pretty crazy. I walk to and from school every day, I bus everywhere since I don’t have a car, I get my groceries and walk outside, and I enjoy nightlife; going outside from the middle of October until what I assume will last until the end of March has been a frightening endeavor. I have never experienced colder than minus 10 before. I have never experienced snow for more than 2 days. Snow days? They don’t exist here. It’s a completely different kind of life than in Vancouver.

I think I have been handling the Edmonton winter scene pretty well. I complain pretty often about it, but that’s not a new thing for me (I will complain about 30 degree weather as well). I think the part of an Edmonton that I have yet to wrap my head around is the fact that you don’t see seasons. Fall and Spring are so beautiful and Edmontonians don’t get to experience them in their full capacity. Fall and Spring are full of colour and comfort. Edmonton is continuously grey and white.


One huge benefit I have gained from an Edmonton winter is that the sun is out a lot more than it is in Van. Waking up is a lot easier without grey skies. Another benefit is that I always know what the weather is going to be; it will be cold and there will be snow on the ground. That’s that.

Over the past 7 months, I have been Tweeting, Facebooking, blogging and letting all my friends home know how cold and suffering I am and decided to share with you how I have felt about my first Edmonton winter through my posts.


Connor Learns To Play The Drums Part 2

Learning to play the drums has been a challenge. To say the least. It makes it even more difficult when things like work get in the way. However youtube has been a great help, I am constantly watching video’s on how to play certain techniques, how to better handle the sticks, how to make smoother transitions ect ect.

All I need for these kinds of excersizes is set of sticks and a flat surface. Which makes it easy, as I am cooking dinner, watching TV, texting, anything I just carry a set of drum sticks around or 2 pencils and just start hammering away. I am working on mastering a song I have loved for a long time, “Welcome Home” by Coheed and Cambria is the song I have decided is the goal. I will learn to play it and post a video when I have, hopefully that will be a good start for the learning process.