Learn Something New- MM

Mykenzie M.

For my choose to learn something new, I chose to simply learn how to do improv. And I quickly found out that it is not simple to just learn how to do improv. There is also many ways to go about learning it. I asked some experts what they thought was the best way to do it. Eventually I began learning through exercises or games with the experts. They would explain how to do an improv exercise and then I would try out the exercise with the same expert. 

 My goal was to be able to do the last exercise at the end of the semester without messing up once and flowing right through the game like an improv pro would. The reason that I chose to try and learn improv was because I found out very early on in the second semester how important it is with radio on-air hosting. I thought it was a good opportunity to try and kill two birds with one stone, I would try honing my skills at improv for fun and to help me on NR92 and any radio or speaking I do in the future. 

 So how I learned was through 4 different sessions with 4 different experts throughout the semester. They weren’t very long sessions, and usually we would only try out one exercise or game, but i felt I was able to get my feet wet and what I did learn was good stuff. My 4 experts were Tyler Dettling, Scott Pedrick, Sam Silver, and Donovan Workun who works for Atomic Improv.

 On 4 separate occasions I met with an expert and they taught a game or exercise to me and then we tried out the game. I took a video of 3 of these times and have a couple pictures of the other time. The only way I really tested myself was by trying out the game with the expert and doing it until I completed it successfully. The one day that we had Donovan come and do improv with our class, we did a lot of exercises and games and was by far the most time I put into learning improv. The other times I only tried out one or two games at a time and only tried them for around 3-5 minutes.

 My ultimate test was the last one with Scott and as I pointed out earlier, my ultimate goal was to make it through a full game without screwing up. I wanted to flow throughout a whole exercise because my first exercise with Tyler, I bumbled and screwed up multiple times. I technically didn’t achieve my goal because I had to say “umm” or “uhh” a couple times and needed to think about answers. It was a pretty chincey goal in the first place and I have to do improv on a regular basis to get anywhere close to doing it well or without screwing up. I would definitely say I need A LOT more work on my improv game.



 Here are my videos via their youtube links:







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