Cleanin the tank

Well I’m finally back from Vegas! Good news, none of the fish died when my grandma was taking care of them. Bad news though, one did die the day I left for Vegas. So now I only have two fish, Phillip Fishington and Phillip Fishington.

She will be forever missed, and remembered.... as the fat one

She will be forever missed, and remembered…. as the fat one

Anyway, now the water has become gross from extra food that has dissolved at the bottom of the tank.
So first thing I did was take the fish out of the bowl and then dumped the water and pebbles into a strainer. Once all the nasty water was down the drain. I filled up the sink with hot water…
… then I shook the pebbles around and got all the food off of it.
With a wet paper towel I then wiped down the inside of the bowl to clean it.
Once that was done, everything went back into the bowl.
And now it’s clean… yay


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