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Learn something new….

Being tasked with learning something new gives you lots of options to choose from. It can be anything, literally anything!! Which also makes it so difficult to choose what 1 thing you should learn.

I decided I wanted to challenge myself and try to learn how to correctly do a back walkover on my own. I taught kindergym gymnastics (ages 3-5) for a year or so and understand how it needs to be excicuted but to actually perform the move is the difficult part. I had trouble achieveing my goal of a complete back walkover, I need to work more on my bridge to get it looking like this. (see picture below)

great bridge 

Instead of like this. (see below)

deece bridge

I was not able to bend into a bridge from standing and kick over to come to a standing position to finish. I need to work on my shoulder flexability more and hopefully will be able to do one before I return in September.

It didn’t help that I procastinated asking friends to spot me in my attempts to fall back into bridge and then kick over, and when I asked friends I needed to follow through with my requests. I never did get a chance to try the full assisted move but I will work on the fine tuning things in hopes of  successfully completing one in September.

I could start from ground and go into a bridge, then walk up a wall and kick into a standing position – but to do it all together (go from stand and fall back into a bridge) at this point is too much. I never “focused” on stretching my back and shoulders on a consistant basis to improve my over all flexability but worked on strengthening them through excersices at the gym on occasion.

To complete this goal I needed to be more determinded and should have worked harder to achieve the results I wanted. I kept putting it off and procrastinating practicing it and that came around to bite me in the end here. Had I gotten a friend to assist/spot my attempt it would have looked something similar to this. (see below)

assisted walkover

I thought about using a yoga ball as a brace to support my back in my early attempts, but having lots of snow outside my yard wasn’t avalible and my living room is not sufficent enough to perform this move in. At our schools fitness centre we have yoga balls – but only those in personal training programs are allowed access to the room where they are kept so that wasn’t an option either.

Having taught gymnastics I met quite a few gymnists and catching up with one of the girls who’d gone to national competitions, Sammy Jo Johnson and asked her about executing a walkover. She told me that to perform a back walkover easily you need lots of shoulder and back flexability and it helps to watch your hands as you bend backwards so that you know where the floor is and how soon its coming. Also when you start doing your walkover you need to have the guts to keep going, the moment before you touch the ground with your hands and kick your leg over you need to push yourself and just kick and push with your legs to loop over and land nicely.

I hope that practice over the summer and stretching out my limbs will allow me to be more successful and succeed with this goal I set out to do. That’s what I’ve learned about preparing and excecuting a back walkover this semester. Its been a blast!

Kaleigh Abraham

NAIT Radio, 2nd Semester


Final thought about the fish

I do not want fish…… I have had these fish for about a month now. I just don’t really give a crap anymore. I still feed them and take care of them like a responsible human, but really my days are just so strange. Some days they could go 8 hours without eating, which is bad, and then I over feed them, which is also bad. I’m going to try and give them to my cousin or a buddy or something. Fish are so boring, all the do is swim around in a bowl… I don’t know why I expected more then that. So I learned that i don’t like taking care of fish. 

Cleanin the tank

Well I’m finally back from Vegas! Good news, none of the fish died when my grandma was taking care of them. Bad news though, one did die the day I left for Vegas. So now I only have two fish, Phillip Fishington and Phillip Fishington.

She will be forever missed, and remembered.... as the fat one

She will be forever missed, and remembered…. as the fat one

Anyway, now the water has become gross from extra food that has dissolved at the bottom of the tank.
So first thing I did was take the fish out of the bowl and then dumped the water and pebbles into a strainer. Once all the nasty water was down the drain. I filled up the sink with hot water…
… then I shook the pebbles around and got all the food off of it.
With a wet paper towel I then wiped down the inside of the bowl to clean it.
Once that was done, everything went back into the bowl.
And now it’s clean… yay

Would You Kindly Stop Saying Would You Kindly?

Turn the clock back six years – BioShock has just been released and people are generally losing their minds. Everyone prefixes every sentence with “Would you kindly?” and then laughs heartily at how funny and creative they are. It was a terrible time to be someone who hadn’t played 2K’s newest release, BioShock. And now here we are, half a decade later, and history is repeating itself.

BioShock: Infinite is a fantastic game – possibly one of the best this generation. If you are into games and somehow missed it, do yourself a favor. Play the game.

If you are one of the people who, like myself, has played and enjoyed the game then let’s you and me make each other a solemn, unbreakable, best-friend promise. We will NOT, under any circumstances, start using Infinite memes in every day speech, even though they are incredibly clever and always appropriate. We won’t ask people heads or tails when a coin is not involved. And we will never, EVER, post social media statuses consisting only of a verb broken down into its past, present and future tenses. Promised, promises, will promise?


The fate of best-friend promise breakers.


The fish are O.K

Well the fish haven’t died yet, and that’s pretty positive. I’m now leaving for vegas, and i’m leaving the fish in my grandma’s care. Hopefully they don’t die, and when I get back I will need to clean the tank… not looking forward to that.Image

The Day After April Fools’ Day

Today is the day when all true pranksters shine … the day AFTER April Fools’ Day!

I never really get into the April Fools spirit and I wish I did. It seems like so much fun. Causing misery and anguish for loved ones and peers.

I have a lot of great ideas when it comes to pranks, but they always cross some sort of line. Either they’re too personal or they cost a lot money.

As I’m a student, the only people really close to me would kick me out of their house if I pranked them too badly (my parents).

Here’s a list of harmless April Fools pranks you can do on people and surely not get kicked out of the house or beat up.

Happy Fooling!