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Tommy.O on Valentines Day


Well it’s February 14th and we all know what day that is. That’s right, Valentines Day. When I was like six years old this day was one that I looked forward too. You would go to class and distribute valentines day cards and candy to all your classmates and teacher. This was a great day because usually on this day there would be a girl in class that I would like and I would anticipate whether or not she was going to give me a valentine. If she did my whole day would be illuminated with joy.


Once I was in highschool Valentines Day usually meant you gave out only a couple or one valentine to someone who you usually liked or your girlfriend. But you handed them out on a way smaller scale then you did in elementary school. This was still a great day back then because your girlfriend would show you her appreciation for being so thoughtful and that usually meant  good things afterwards for me.


But after highschool and a few bad relationships later , Valentines Day became a headache. Usually cause the day would remind you of a girl from your past and depending on how the relationship ended it would be either a sad day or happy day. My last long term relationship I had was with a girl that I was dating for 8 years. Every single Valentines Day I would spoil the hell out  of her. Buying her roses, chocolate, Jewelry etc.. There was even one year I went all out and had a trail of rose pedals that led to a candle lite room. After 8years and living together for 6years we broke up.

So now this Valentines Day I am single. So what does Valentines Day mean to me now? Not much. I mean if I had a girlfriend Im sure I would spoil the hell out of her and baby her like I always did but since Im single, today is just another day. But I hope to all those people out there that have a significant other I wish them a happy Valentines Day and hope their day is filled with joy. I guess I could wish my mom and grandma a happy Valentines day. They would like that a lot. Ok well got to go. Gonna call them now. Happy Valentines Day every one.


Don’t Trust Game Reviews

Lots of people, myself included, put quite a bit of stock into game reviews and really, why shouldn’t we? Games are expensive and it’s great to have a little professional help to assist in avoiding bad purchases but there are cases (more than you might think) where a review is purposefully misleading.

Take Aliens: Colonial Marines for example. The game launches today and a potential purchaser is interested in purchasing it so he heads to MetaCritic to see what the critics have to save about the game.


Hmmm… a critic AND user rating of about 50%. Well that’s not very good… but look at this! Someone at EGM gave the game a 9 out of 10!


Upon investigating a bit further and actually reading the EGM review there are a few inconsistencies. The review claims the game is “unspectacular” and “lacking in some places”, not exactly a favorable review and yet it still scored a 9. There must be something else going on here…


It looks like Aliens: Colonial Marines is a prime advertiser for EGM. That would explain the high score but unfavorable review. Now if someone was an EGM fanatic they would see the good review and probably buy the game – only to be sorely disappointed. Unscrupulous going ons happens ALL THE TIME in the gaming industry. Don’t take the word of a single reviewer because you never know if they are being paid to give the game a higher score.

Comic Strip

It’s diffucult to decide what a person is to do on a Saturday night. Stay at home, go to a pub, movie, maybe a club. But what about The Comedy Club? I’ve already been to Rick Bronsons Comic Strip on Bourban Street a couple times and I love it.
comic Strip<
They have headliner Comics every weekend that are sure to bust a gut. The hosts always play well off the audience to. Even if I'm the drunk idiot (which I was this last weekend) and I'm being made fun of, it's still funny if you can take it. I highly recomend the Comis Strip for a date night too. Though the comics can sometimes make it awkward for couples if you are sitting in the front row, it's usually a great first date place. Last point, if you are an aspiring comic check out HIt or Miss Mondays. It's a great way to get comfortable in front of an audience. Plus if you suck, it's super entertaining for the audience.

Andy Captain 

Pot Holes

With the weather being warm in the day and cold at night the roads have become a mess of ice and pot holes every where. The roads are going to be really bad in the spring, let alone for the rest of our winter! Everyday it is above zero, the melted snow goes in to the cracks in the road. Then after each freezing cycle the road separates more and more. They have finally fixed this one pot hole on the yellow head this pot hole was pot hole so large that the city buses were actually avoiding that lane completely! Be ready for these pot holes of the spring!!!!!!

Get out of my dreams…

Oh blog.  Sweet, random blog, how you stump me sometimes. 

I was gonna write about women’s volleyball vs men’s volleyball.  Then I realized it would be a really short blog post – it would go something like this:


Women’s volleyball is better than men’s because nice bums in tight shorts.  FIN.

ImageJust try to argue. 


So, instead, I’m going to tell you about a dream I had.  It’s almost as inspiring as MLK’s, in that it inspired me to buy donuts for my classmates and myself.  Donuts are a civil right, right?

 The details are foggy, but the dream involved me smoking a cigarette.  Or maybe it was just half a cigarette, I can’t remember.  Either way, I felt enormously guilty about it in my dream.


“Half a cigarette?  Whassa big deal?” you say.  And you’re kinda right, but the deal is I just quit smoking.  Today marks three weeks without a cigarette for me, which was why dream-me was so disappointed in myself: I fell off the wagon.  I had been doing so well, and I messed it up.

 Upon waking, I held that disappointment.  It took a few seconds to realize that, unlike Mike Birbiglia, I didn’t actually do in real life the things I did in my dream. 


It was a great moment!   I was still a non-smoker!  So, I decided to celebrate by buying donuts to take to class. 


I like sprinkles.


Strangely enough, the donuts cost almost exactly as much as a pack of cigarettes.  Allison Karch: trading cancer for diabetes since January 2013. 


Back in the saddle…sort of

I got to do stand up last week for the first time in almost two years and it wasn’t horrible…I wasn’t the worst one there, which made me really happy!

I almost forgot how much I like to do stand up. (I’ve been syaing for a long time I didn’t like it because it was a lot of talking at people instead of talking with them, but it was actually really fun) I like to make people laugh.
I used to think I was pretty good at it, but when I browsed through my old jokes I realzied I didn’t find many of them funny anymore.

I think a lot of what I learned while studying comedy can be directly applied to radio.

Stand-up is a lot like being on-air. You find stories that you like or you think other people will like and you try to make it more appealing by imposing your opinion on it. Like, I read a story about Burger King finding horse DNA in a batch of meat from and Irish meat packing plant and being upset about it.

I thought it was a great idea! More bang for your buck that way. It’s the same spirit behind why I don’t like all-beef hot dogs. It’s the subtle blend of chicken, pork and beef mixed with cartillage and intestinal tracts that makes it so appealing in the first place…

(Stock photo of interesting non-all beef hot dog)

(These are my favourite paintings of horses! How do they get them to stay still like that??!?!?)

Improv is useful when you’re talking with people at remote locations or while doing street teaming stuff. They’re much more open to interacting when you lead the way and give them something to talk about. It also helps while getting news stories. You can work off what your interviewees are saying and ask them more personal questions that are eaiser to answer.

Also writing sketch comedy (SNL) is useful for writing copy (commercials). You learn how to tell a story with a beginning, middle and an end.


Timmy had a dog. One day it got hit by a truck.

Moral of the Story: Don’t do crack!

(Told this story to kids at a camp, they loved it)

I think choosing radio as a career after learning about comedy was a smart step. Now I won’t get paid in beer and pizza of the rest of my life…not much more than that, but definitely not less.

I’ll keep you posted on future stand-up shows. You can laugh at me in public. Even if it’s mean laughing, I’ll take it.




The City Adjustment

So as you may or may not know I, Aaron Young, lived on a farm for the first 17 years of my life. The transition to city life was a welcome one for me, but it was not easy. One has nothing but the sounds of nature to deal with while sleeping out on a farm and that was not the case in the city at all. As soon as I arrived in Edmonton I was tossed into the heart of the city. There were sirens going at all hours, more often noticeable at night, and I was unable to grab more than three hours of solid sleep a night for a good 2 months before I was able to adjust. For 17 years of my life the sun was my only alarm clock and it is still difficult to get up without her rays.


Back to the farm though. The days spent there were some of the best. Nothing but space for miles, there is a joke going around the internet right now “There’s no people for miles in either direction, today is a good day,” and this speaks to me because sometimes the biggest stress in life will come from the other people you are forced to interact with. Hard work was also held close to heart and many long days hauling grain to the elevator or planting crops took up most of my time.

Since I am such a people person, I have fallen in love with the city. Even though there certainly are some people that I would rather not deal with I would probably miss them if they weren’t around to add color to my life.

Thanks for reading my ravings.

Aaron Young