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feels like HOLY MOTHER


So it’s cold today.  Really cold, even for Edmonton.  And yeah, even in Edmonton, that’s news: people need to know how to dress, that they should probably go try to start their car right now, or that they just shouldn’t even leave the house.  Extreme weather is a big deal – it’s cold enough to literally kill a person right fast.

Unfortunately, though, that seems to be so much of we talk about when days like this hit.  And they hit with some regularity.



Granted, they’re not all this bad – but once you get past -30, does it matter?  It’s either really really cold, or really really really cold.  Either way, it’s far too cold to leave the house without at least two layers of warm-ass clothing on every part of your body.



It definitely sucks.  But look at it this way: if you can say it, or tweet or post about it on social media, your mouth and your fingers definitely aren’t frozen!  So, how about talking about something else?  For just part of the time?

Like perhaps all the great things about Edmonton winters?  There are some!  Ponder:

–       Even though it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey, it’s still sunny!

–       The simple beauty of sun glinting off snow, or feathery fractals of ice on windows, or hoarfrost coating the trees

–       That we have some hardship to bond over – the climate is our common enemy.

–       Ice carving!

–       Winter sports: skating, skiing, snowshoeing…

–       The way it get real quiet when it snows

–       All the things you can make out of snow: men, forts, balls, pineapples…



–       How cuddling is way better when it’s cold

–       And finally, the opportunity to recreate the iconic scene, getting cosy with balloons full of pudding in THIS:


– Allison


Save Money, Gamers!

Great news for gamers… finding deals on video games is now easier than it has ever been!

Thanks to a nifty little website,, you can find the best deals on just about any digital distribution site. Just head to the website, pick the game you want to buy and it will automatically show you the best deals available.

There are a few drawbacks; namely you have to be looking for a specific game. If you just want to browse general deals you can do that via CheapShark but the interface isn’t the best and can be a bit confusing as times.

As someone who spends thousands of dollars every year on video games, this is one of the greatest discoveries I’ve ever made. Now I can look forward to saving thousands.

Tommy.O going to the Dentist

wisdom tooth pic #1

Well it’s every radio announcers nightmare. Not being able to talk. Well tomorrow I will be going to an oral surgeon to get my remaining two wisdom teeth pulled. My first two wisdom teeth were pulled when I was 19. But they were coming out straight so the dentist was able to pull them no problem. And the cost for the removal of them was 200 dollars. Tomorrows experience should be trying to say the least. For one, both of my remaining wisdom teeth are growing out sideways in to my jaw causing me to take dozens of pain killers a day just to kill the pain. And second the cost of this procedure will be close to 2000$ dollars and maybe more depending on how difficult the removal is. I can not believe how much the procedure is. It’s insane. I think students or people with low incomes should get these procedures for a minimal cost.

wisdom tooth pic#2

Most students have school dental plans but they usually only give you 750$ for the year which covers only a basic cleaning and a couple fillings. To me they should just cover all the procedures no matter what . But I guess I can’t control this, otherwise if it was up to me, all people with low incomes would be getting free dental. The other crappy thing about this surgery is that it takes place in the middle of the week. Wednesday to be exact. And Thursday morning I was scheduled to be on air first thing in the morning. I have a feeling that I will not make that shift or the one on friday morning. this really sucks because I do not want to miss these shifts but I also do not want to sound like a retard on the air. Oh well the main thing is that my health will be better especially cause I will not have to take pain killers every morning anymore. Thank god for that.

Blue Monday? I think not!

Today is Blue Monday aka The Most Depressing Day Of The Year. Apparently it’s because of the mix of circumstances surrounding your life that make today statistically suck.

Now I don’t want to mention what those factors are because I believe in positive reinforcement. If I tell you the reasons why you should be upset today there is a better chance that you will feel those effects. So I’ll say this, if you are the kind of person who wants to walk around and be constantly reminded of the crumby things in life, you can look it up yourself.

As for me I want to focus on the positives of today and I suggest you do the same. I’ll start with a modest list of things that make today good for me. Feel free to reflect and make your own list.

Why today is a great day:

1. I have a warm house

2. I have warm clothes (that don’t look too bad either depending on your taste in fashion)

3. I get to come to school every day and learn things to better my life

4. I have a loving family who is all safe and healthy

5. I am healthy for the most part (just the sniffles, nothing serious)

6. I don’t live in a country plauged by civil unrest and war

7. I have the right to speak my mind

8. I am not persecuted for my thoughts or actions (as much as I sometimes should be)

9. I have so many great things in my life that I’m having trouble thinking of all of them

10. You are reading this, which means the world to me

So, if on a day like today, where you’re expected to fail and be miserable, just think of all the great things you have going for you. You don’t even have to think of the greatest things. Anything small and good will do. Like this video, which I think is hilarious!!

Happy Blue Monday everyone!

Time Capsule

In celebration of NAIT turning 50, the institution is planing on burying a time capsule. They held an event in the south lobby yesterday focused on getting stuff to fill it up. If you went down there, you had the oportunity to fill out a postcard giving your thoughts on the school and were you see your future. You could anwser questions like where do you see yourself in 50 years? where do you see the planet? What was the best part of 2012 and so on. Entering also got you the chance to win Oil Kings tickets or an I-pad mini.oil kings logo

Another cool thing they had going was a painting of the NAIT logo being created by urban artist Evan Brunt. The picture will be displayed at future time capsule events then hung permanetly in NAIT.207632_10151347130216170_459467455_n

But the best part of the event had to be the free Tim Horton’s cookies!

They will be holding similar events in the near future, so if you did miss out this time don’t fret! You will be able to contribute to the Time Capsule on a future day. NR92 will be sure to let you know when! -Andy Captain

My Best Picture Picks (So Far)

Even though the Oscars are still over a month away, that hasn’t stopped me from starting to plough through the 2013 nominees for ‘Best Picture’. This year there are nine nominees (up to ten are allowed) for the coveted prize, but I’ve only seen four so far. Here, so far, are the list of films I’ve seen that are nomiated for ‘Best Picture’

From Worst to Best:

4. Silver Linings Playbook.

While David O. Russell’s adapted screenplay does a great job of conveying the issues that someone living with bipolar faces, the story arch ultimately falls flat. Until the last 20 minutes, there’s no real final goal the film is moving towards; it’s content with just treading water ( albeit very turbulent, fickle water) The end of the film  (particularly the final scene) is conventional and disappointingly predictable. That being said, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are stand-outs.

3. Argo

Ben Affleck’s third directorial attempt tells a very interesting and true story that, until ’96, was classified by the American government. Affleck also stars as CIA agent Tony Mendez, who heads a secret operation to extract 6 American embassy workers out of a hostile 1980 Iran. Affleck is surrounded by an all-star cast – Alan Arkin (who somehow got nominated for Supporting actor), John Goodman and Bryan Cranston. It’s a very thrilling story that amps up the intensity (especially towards the end), but suffers from ‘HEY, LOOK AT THIS COOL OPERATION THAT WE DID’ syndrome. There are countless times where characters repeat the plan to each other in an attempt to “wow” the viewer. Other than this slightly obnoxious element, it was a great way to spend a couple of hours.

Alan Arkin and Ben Afflect in 'Argo'.

Alan Arkin and Ben Affleck in ‘Argo’.

2. Les Mis

I probably enjoyed this a lot more then I should have due to the fact I played a minimalistic role in my High School’s own version of Les Mis. To someone who’s not familiar with the story right out of Victor Hugo’s novel of the same name, they’re in for a story-driven treat. The film is a little dense (two hours and 37 minutes), but if you’re ready for an epic with great music, outstanding performances and an enthralling plot, Les Mis is for you. It’s also worth noting that the “live singing” (No lip syncing or over-dubbing) contributes to the emotional weight of all the songs.

1. Django Unchained

Tarantino Rocks. Jamie Foxx is badass. Christoph Waltz nearly surpasses his Bastards performance. Leo DiCaprio deserves an Oscar. Entertaning from the first minute on. Go see this movie.

– Kevin Alles

Connor learns something new


Yes, I understand it is strange that I have a set up like this for someone who is not a drummer… However I made a trade for a guitar and it seemed like a potential thing to learn. I never actually started and this might just be my motivation. I have been meaning to pick up the sticks for a long time but just never really had time or motivation, now here we are and therefore I’m going to annoy the hell outta my parents and start teaching myself how to play. Step one done, retrieve symbols and take hockey jerseys off of the kit. Check