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Cat Fighting A Chicken

On a Friday… sometimes you just need some nonsense to roll you into that weekend.

So here’s a video of a cat fighting a chicken


Evan D


One Day Late Concert This Saturday

Edmonton hard rock band, One Day Late, is hot off the track as they released their brand new self-titled debut album this year. They recorded it in Vancouver at a little famous production studio called The Warehouse, and they werte recorded and produced by Eric Mosher, the same guy who did AC/DC, Theory of A Deadman, Buckcherry, and more! I actually had the privelege of meeting with the band and talking to the guys, and they are a blast. Super nice guys, and every one of them built like a brick s***house! So ladies, you’re going to be happy to hear this. They all work out like crazy, a few are working towards business degrees… eh? Eh? Anyways, they are playing The Starlite Room this Saturday and it’s going to be an amazing show. It costs $10 per ticket, but NR92 has a special deal for you. If you see any @NR92 tweets that have @onedaylateband mentioned in them, and retweet (RT) them, you can win two free tickets to the show and maybe even a CD! One of the opening bands, Alterra, is a really good band too, I’m really good friends with their lead guitarist. It’s going to be one hell of a show, that much I can guarantee! So definitely come down and hang out with me, and with One Day Late!



The Curse of Fantasy Football

There’s a lot of priorities to balance as a college student… and this year I’ve added another to my list. Fantasy Football sounded like fun. I was offered to join a league for $20, not a big loss if I sucked (which was expected). I didn’t know anything other than the fact that I like having a drink and watching football. Now, going into week 11…. this is where I’m at:

– By some crazy string of luck, I started off the season 5-0. The hardcore guys in the league didn’t like that.

– When I started winning, the curse kicked in. I’m obsessed with fantasy football.

– I check my roster every day. Injury updates, bye weeks, who’s on waivers, trades, is their defense good against the pass or the run, what’s the week 15 matchup? …. these questions are always running through my mind.

– I don’t book work shifts on Sundays. It’s dedicated to watching football with friends.

– Now I’m 7-3 and have a good shot at playoffs, which means MONEYYYYY!!!


Money catches my attention, and watching my matchup play out is the most stressful part of my week.

Moral of the story- joining a fantasy sports league is a big commitment. Proceed with caution.



QUestionable Halloween-Cody Malbeuf

I haven’t talked about this until now because I wasn’t sure if I wanted the public to know. I’m not proud of my actions. A definite “the ends justify the means” mentality was being used. I volunteered at a Haunted house in Fort Saskatchewan to help raise money for the food bank. Two things about this bothered me. Number one: Someone shorter than me showed up so I got demoted from demon-child to murder victim. Not too bad, I had fun begging for my life while my buddy pretended to murder me. The more important issue was the moral grey-area I found myself in. I was raising money for the food bank, but dozens of children left my area of the haunted house sobbing in terror. So I raised money for a good cause, but made children cry. I don’t know if I’m proud or ashamed. Although my doctor scrubs were pretty comfortable. Wll… they would have been if it weren’t for the fake murderer choking me all night.


Is There a Cure for Bullying?

It seems like a never ending cycle. A young teen commits suicide and social media explodes with sympathetic responses. Everyone likes the posts and it ends up in the back of our brain for the next few days. After a month we hear about another story and the cycle repeats its self.

Is this just a part of life or is there in fact a cure for bullying?

There is an interesting forum that took place on reddit a few months ago. A teacher wants to stop bullying in his school but he doesn’t know how. He took to the internet and recieved a whole bunch of responses. From people currently being bullied, parents and other teachers the responses are very enlightening.

Bullys don’t immediatly repent because a status got 100,000 likes. Unfortunatly most people don’t know what else to do. 

I just don’t want to hear another story in a few months…

Kevin Martin @KevinMartin987

The Scandals of Stars

There’s a lot of emphasis on celebrity lives in today’s world. I don’t know if there’s necessarily a trend here, but Disney stars seem to go wayward faster. Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus… you get the picture. Miley Cyrus has had such a slew of scandals since 2006 when she was a mere 13 years old. So young. In case you don’t have the History of Miley Cyrus memorized, 2006 was when she started dating Nick Jonas. So let’s blame him.

The History of Miley Cyrus is pretty long. Take a gander. It’s also pretty entertaining.


Audiotap Review

Repost From My Personal Blog:

Yesterday, I downloaded a free app called Audiotap. Basically, the app is a wireless streaming device. you have to download a free program onto your windows, Mac, or Linux computer and press the cute little button to turn it on. Then you open iTunes. Now you have to set it up on you iPhone. Within seconds, you are complete. Now through this connection you can access every single song in your library at full quality, along with every video/movie, podcast, and playlist. To start off, i gave this app a 5 star review WITHOUT the app asking me to. That’s how you know I am serious! This is the review I left on the iTunes page:

“This is a wonderful app. It allows for people like me with massive iTunes libraries to be able to access all of my music, playlists, videos, and podcasts from wherever I am, providing my computer and iTunes is on. I have a music library of over 25,000 songs and to try to put them all even on a 160GB iPod is hopeless (all of my files are in mp3 320kb/s or in the Lossless 1000kb/s range). I love everything about this app except when it comes to 3G streaming. When I was on wifi I was very impressed to see that I could stream the original bitrate for each song, but when I went into 3G I could only stream 320kb/s AAC. Granted, this is more than enough for easy listening to and from work, but I keep a wide array of sound effects and royalty-free music for production work, and I need those files at the highest possible quality. The reason this app gets only 4 stars out of 5 is because of that. It annoys me to no end that app developers limit the 3G quality. Yes it’s better on some people’s phone bills, but in the end, it’s MY phone bill. And in my case I don’t have to worry too much about how much I stream. That rant aside, I would like to see some neat features such as an alarm for waking up, or especially a sleep timer. But as the app is right now, it’s so worth it for anyone who has a large music library or doesn’t want to big down their phone or tablet.”


My name is Mike MacMullin

Download Audiotap on your iPhone