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Radio’s Dark Side…

For most contributors to this blog, who are third semesters, we have a very nerve racking time ahead of us in the next month or two. We will be spending 4th semester in real world radio, but the complication comes in when no one knows where they are going…

Some of the Radio students have already found places to go, but most are still unsure of where they are going to go. And this week the tension has built up, and the realization of the situation has risen to a new height with the news that our very own Jenny Oatway has been hired for a news position in Rocky Mountain House. She will be required to leave school 3 weeks early, which is only 3 weeks away… meaning we are 6 weeks from the end of semester, which also adds to the stress.

But while we all search long and hard on where to spend our practicuum, I’ll leave you with this to calm down:

-Craig Sephton


Woman Auctions Off Virginity…Wait, what?

So a woman in Brazil sold her virginity for $780, 000. And a man from Australia sold his for only $3,000. That’s a bit of a difference, hey? But here’s the big question. Why? Why did they sell something that for some people is the most precious thing they own? An Australian filmmaker is working on a documentary about the auction and how it will change the virgins. And they get to keep the money. This whole thing seems so ridiculous to me. The woman from Brazil said that she’s very happy with all of the money that she’ll get. So really, what are you willing sell for lots of money?

Here’s a link to the Toronto article.

– Rebekah

A Filthy Feud

Everyone loves a good party and it doesn’t always have to take place on a weekend. From Wing Wednesday to Thirsty Thursday (or Mini Friday) there’s always something going on at your local watering hole. But Monday is not typically a big night for parties although one of my favourite bar’s in the city Filthy McNasty’s has come up with an ingenious plan to make Mondays fun again. 

Enter the Filthy Feud. Think of Family Feud but instead of surveying 100 old people via telephone, they surveyed 100 drunk people at Filthys. That’s a game changer right there. One of the questions was “What would a guy have in his pocket on a hot date”? On the regular Family Feud, you might expect Flowers, Gum and Lip Balm. But after surveying drunk people at Filthys, the top answers were (unsurprisingly): A Condom, Drugs, Roofies and Smokes. 

Rather than getting actual families (most of these questions would make even the coolest mom’s blush) Filthy’s enlisted teams of local bars’ staff, local bands and other various local celebrities. Myself and a few other NR92 Staff members went as volunteers for a local radio station. And although “Team Sonic” jumped out to an early lead, the staff from local bar “The Common” quickly re-grouped by stealing three consecutive rounds making it virtually impossibe for us to come back. As the two sides went back and forth buying shots for each other there were a few more stammers and a few less inhibitions when the final round was introduced. Fortunately for us, points were doubled and we were able to make the comeback of the year and clinch the victory in the Final match of Round One. On to Round two! 

A couple of us might be feeling a bit sluggish this Tuesday but in the end it was all worth it from a great Monday and a chance to represent in Round Two! 



Rube Goldberg Homage

Rube Goldberg was best known for his crazy and complex gadgets that were combined together to perform incredible simple tasks! As a kid, I read about Rube and I was always amazed by the Rube and how his brain came up with all of his crazy inventions. To this day, Rube’s influence is riddled throughout pop culture. Check out this video by a band called Ok Go. Their homage to Mr. Goldberg is incredibly impressive.

Evan D

I’m done with Hockey, Bring on the Football.

I’ve seen relationships in Junior High more mature then the one that the owners and players have. It was all so beautiuful! Our Oilers are young and promising and were going to play in a beautiful new arena! It’s all gone now! The lockout has cut Oiler fans deep and it’s truely depressing what the average NHL fan has gone through.

While the millionares take there sweet time getting it together, all our jerseys are gathering dust in the closet. It’s almost like the oweners and players are ignoring our side of this issue.

I’m done, seriously I’m over it. So I’m here to tell the NHL that you’ve lost me. I am one customer that is no longer interested in your product.

Time to go pick up some NFL merchandise!

Kevin @KevinMartin987


Wisconsin News Anchor Fires back at bully, and some Anti-Bullying Month Food for Thought.

I saw this video a few weeks ago, and it has resonated with me since that time. I love this woman and I respect her so much for her ability to stand up to her bullies with integrity and courage. I hope any young person who is dealing with bullies gets a chance to see this video and can take something away from it.
Did you know, that bullying, both physical and verbal, is the most common form of violence in schools. Approximately 160,000 kids miss school every day simply out of a fear of being bullied.
October is Anti-bullying month, and this video is just one of many related things that have surfaced this month. The biggest of which is the suicide of Amanda Todd.
This gets me thinking about the issue of cyber bullying. I mean, ultimately kids are always going to be cruel and mean to other kids, and I’m not trying to say that we shouldn’t be standing up to bullies and helping kids that are in trouble. I do am, however, saying that I think that what needs to be focused on is the problem of anonymous cyber-bullying, which has compounded the problem of bullying in adolescents exponentially in the last 5-8 years.
What if there were age restrictions in place for social media sites? If Facebook and Twitter are pushing teens into clinical depression and suicide, should we not be treating it similarly to alcohol and drivers licenses?
And how, as adults and functioning members of society, can we help kids deal with problems that are far out of our reach, especially when oftentimes kids don’t like to discuss problems they are having at school?
While Jennifer’s example is something that is a little out of reach for most of us, I think she has made an excellent. Make an example of yourself to kids in your family and community, and treat everyone around you with the respect and integrity they deserve.

-Jenny O



Since I have been a young child I have wanted a dog. Any dog, but one that I could walk and play with and have at all times. I have searched and searched but to no avail, mostly because I am not allowed to have pets in my building. Instead I got a cat and yes I do realize I said just a moment ago there are no pets allowed… its true I am sneaky. Anyway I think in the last few months I have realized I want a dog even more then I stand but then I think of how responsible a dog really is. It’s like having a child without having a kid hence why I have a cat I can leave for a weekend and just give her a ton of food. Still I torture myself with looking on Kijiji or the Bargain Finder, how do you cure a sickness that will never go away? I want a dog.


Mandy Schultz