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Ever watch the …

Ever watch the movie Airbud and laugh at how unrealistic all the athletic ability that dog had? Well just be glad there was gun control in the setting of Airbud. A police chief resigned and left the next senior officer in charge: Nikka the drug-sniffing dog. Personally I don’t think dogs have the bureaucratic abilities to manage other officers. How bad must all the people ranked below Nikka feel? “Sorry hon I didn’t get the promotion, that freakin dog is just to good”. This town in southern Vaughn in Southern Albuquerque is going to have to be protected by some hard-core lassie-esque feats to keep this town safe. Although, there’s only 104 people in the town… It’s a small town. I’m sure it being under the watch of officer Nikka won’t reduce the population by much.


The Fight for equality!

Let’s get with the times people. Racial slurs became taboo 20 years ago. For some reason homophobic terms are still accepted by a lot of people. A University of Alberta group is tired of this discrimination. came as a result of these students wanting to make change.

Check it out! The website keeps detailed statistics on how many time sayings such as, “Faggot”, “No Homo”, “So Gay” and “Dyke” are used.

You don’t have to jump in a picket line to join this movement. Just try to drop these slurs from your normal language and you’re doing your part!


One Hit Wonder Day

I think our society has a very interesting fascination with the one hit wonder phenomenom. I’m no exception to that, but I always find myself wondering what the next one hit wonder will be.  I’ll be listening to the radio, jamming out to a song I really like, and suddenly I will think “Gee, I haven’t heard any other music from this artist, like, ever. I wonder if they will ever make anything else that will get popular.”

And then of course there are the ones that you are thankful for every single day, because they did turn out to be just a flash in the pan. Some inclusions to this for me would include Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and “Untouched” by the Veronicas. Those are just a few bands that I’m grateful didn’t really get any more airtime after the popularity of those songs waned.

So it’s get’s me to thinking about current day. Who will be the one hit wonders of 2012? Here are a few of my suspicions. Keep in mind, this isn’t a wish list, just a predicition based on observation.

1.) Somebody that I Used to Know- Gotye

2.) Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen

3.) Gangam Style- Psy


Schultzy here, did you know… There is so much information in the world why dont we all take just a small amount of time to learn some new about a little band called Alexisonfire. Canadian hard-core band that started in the small town of St Catherine’s Ontario. This band started up in 2001 and recently announced their end of what was a great run in 2011. Being composed of 5 very different members Alexis had a somewhat of a different approach to hard-core music then what some other bands had. They had two very different singers. George Pettit who screamed like a hard-core band would but then Alexis also had the soulful voice of Dallas Green who has a second band called City and Colour, who belted out long beautiful notes just to cohenside with the screaming of George. Putting these vocals together with the sick guitars and drums they made for a stunning combination that lasted 10 years and a very well deserved 10 years. Check out a little video from their Crisis album this is the song This Could Be Anywhere In The World.

In 2011 the band decided to end their legacy. After the announcement Alexis decided to do a farewell tour for all their fans. Showing the world that they really cared about them. Starting off in London in the UK on Dec 3 they will carry on around the world ending in Hamilton Ontario on Dec 30 which is very close to St Catherine’s where the band started everything. Here in Edmonton their last show will be on Dec 19. Thank you Alexis for being so awesome and now you all know a little more about the band Alexisonfire.

Love Schultzy

Fall Fantasy Fail Draft.

Screw Football, the new hottest trend in Fantasy Drafting is all about new fall television schedule. I recently found a post on Reddit outlining a draft that a group of guys developed, where they pick a new fall or midseason tv show based on the likelihood of it being cancelled. Using the rules developed by the folks over at players gain points by either shows getting cancelled, actors and show runners being replaced, or gaining titles like “The Best Show you’re not watching” from Websites like Entertainment Weekly. Players can also lose points by shows being renewed, picking up their back nine episodes or being hailed as the “Best Hit of The Season”. If anyone is interested in setting up a similar league, here are my thoughts on what is a sure thing and the potential smash hits of the season:

Sure to be cancelled:

The Mob Doctor

Guys with Kids

Animal Practice

Emily Owens M.D

Safe Bets:


Beauty and The Beast

The Neighbors

Ben and Kate

Risky Picks:


The Mindy Project


Go On

Don’t Pick these:

The New Normal


Last Resort



Let me know what you guys think about the upcoming TV lineup, returning favorites? New smash hits? Hit me up on Twitter: @ChadBensonRadio

Chad B

Say Cheese!

What happens when you take a bunch of radio students… put them in front of a professional photographer… and let them choose their own pose? This is my attempt at describing that situation, but you can witness the results for yourself on next week.

Lets set the scene:

  1. Nait’s television students were up first. The classy bunch were walking away from the photo shoot armed with suits, dresses, and some extremely shiny shoes. I could see the satisfaction on the photographers face… the satisfaction of an easy photoshoot with some lovely young professionals.
  2. The photographer then turned around to see the next group. Radio folk are normal, right? Wrong. The thirteen of us were already turning heads with hysterical laughter and dance moves. No suits, no dresses.
  3. As each person took their picture, the rest of us were standing behind the camera making faces.
  4. My turn came up, and suddenly there were five guys threatening to moon me. This is the definition of sabotage.

By the time we finished everyone was laughing, our teacher and photographer included. I’ll promise that our bio pictures will be pure gold, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not a bit nervous to see the final results . Check them out next week on !!!


-Lyndsay Cowan

Here’s $20, now let me swim in some stranger’s pee.

Water parks and swimming pools are an essential part of growing up. There’s no denying this fact, and I’m incredibly gratefull to my parents for taking me swimming as a kid.
There’s just one problem with growing up and getting older. You start to realize the kind of people that there are in the world, especially the lazy ones who do not get their bottoms out of the pool to pee when they feel that inevitable urge.

This fact be all too clear when my girlfriend, two friends and I went to the West Edmonton Mall Waterpark this weekend.
First of all, I just want to make myself clear, the waterpark kicks some serious tail. All of the slides give you that thrill seeking rush that you’re obviously looking.
My issue stems from the massive wave pool / kiddie pool situated within the park.
I only ventured into the wave pool once during our afternoon at the waterpark, but for some reason, the whole time I was swimming I was uncomfortably aware that at any given moment, the person standing next to me could be relieving him or herself at that very moment.

That thought is a little unnerving to say the least, but don’t even get me started on the kiddie pool.

The kiddie pool is maybe filled with knee-high water at best, and the majority of its occupants are almost always under the age of 5. It’s at this age where you seem to care the least about whether you urinate in the pool and whether someone catches you. But you know that, I know that. We were all young and free once too.

All I’m getting at here, is that I doubt most of the diapers on the market today can fully contain a “spill” in a kiddie pool. Now multiple this fact by the number of children in said pool and it’s enough to make you rethink your swimming strategies.

Happy swimming everyone 🙂

Evan D