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Futuristic Food?

For his birthday, a chef friend of mine gave her boyfriend, also a chef, one volume of Modernist Cuisine.  It was my first look at a much-hyped and groundbreaking publication.  If you haven’t heard of it – and unless you’re a food nerd, you probably haven’t – Modernist Cuisine is sort of a cookbook… the sort of cookbook that is 2,438 pages in six volumes, costs $625, and contains recipes that most people couldn’t recreate in their home kitchens.

It’s chapter headings run from “History” to “The Physics of Food and Water” to “Meats and Seafood” to “Emulsions”.  It tosses around terms like sous-vide and hydrocolloids.  The recipes include exotic, almost unimaginable things like Foie Gras a la Vapeur and Watermelon Bulgogi.

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All Hail The Nail

With the Edmonton Oilers General Manager Steve Tambellini set to select first overall for a third year in a row this summer, unlike years past where there has been a debate on who to select number one whether it was Taylor vs. Tyler, or Nugent-Hopkins vs. Larsson. This year’s draft will be a little different as there is a clear cut number one pick. A forward from the Ontario Hockey Leagues Sarnia Sting by the name of Nail Yakupov.

Even with a solidified number one, fans in Oil Country have some major questions that they want answered before they start boarding the “All Hail Nail Train.” The big question being tossed around right now, is do the Oilers really need another young skilled forward? With the likes of Hall, Eberle and Nugent-Hopkins. Instead fans believe Edmonton Oilers management need to shift their focus and start reinforcing the back end. My response to that is if a team has that much fire power upfront do you really need great defense? With that being said the Edmonton Oilers have options, Tambellini and his staff can trade the top pick and package a roster player to get that top six dman that everyone is demanding, or they can possibly trade down in the draft and take a defenseman. I have a problem with the Oilers doing this and that is because defensemen take longer to develop then a forward and if you go down the list of NHL ready defenseman the crop is very slim, the Oilers fans are not willing to wait any longer for a playoff run so the Oilers need to make the right decision and draft another sniper in Nail Yakupov.

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Brad Bartko- Host Of Bradcast Sports

Hockey Talk

This year’s playoffs have been some of the most interesting and controversial in the last few years. Suspensions, 1-0 games, overtime, and the two best teams on the brink of the brooms. First off, Raffi Torres needs to be taught a lesson, and it’s up to the NHL to decide whether it will be done by a HUGE Shannaban, or by the fists of a Chicago Blackhawk. I personally would get more enjoyment from the latter, but that’s just me. Sure, it wasn’t the dirtiest hit Torres has ever dished out, but it still needs to be addressed. Decide for yourselves here: and hopefully the NHL realizes that the spinning wheel of justice isn’t good enough anymore.

Moving on, I think that Vancouver is done. Sure it’s possible to come back when you are the President’s Trophy winner playing the 8th seed, but the Canucks have not looked interested in this series, and their goaltending is a gong show. Mostly my lack of faith is rooted in these kind of stunts where it appears Ryan Kesler was literally shot by a gun while skating (or at least it looks that way). As far as the Pittsburgh Penguins being down 3-0, is it impossible to come back? No. Is it probable they will? Maybe not, but you should never bet against a team with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin on it. Hell, Chicago almost did it last year, and they were playing a Stanley Cup finalist and last year’s Blackhawks were a considerably worse team than this year’s Penguins. Get a few quick ones on Bryzgalov, collectively get their stuff together in their own zone, and play a full 60 minutes. Do that, and Bryzgalov will wish he was facing a forest full of bears instead of the “faithful” at the Wells Fargo Center.

To the Oilers current situation, I think that Tom Renney is going to be done as coach. He did do a good job protecting the kids early on, but in December when Eric Belanger (4g, 16pts) was getting more ice time than Eberle (34g, 76pts). The lack of change was a frustrating to watch and probably cost the Oilers a decent shot at a non lottery pick. Sure, a Nail Yakupov or Ryan Murray (or the assets we get for it) will tremendously help in the future but weren’t we supposed to be winning now? Brent Sutter will end up coaching here next year, and his gig as the Canadian coach at the World Championships is his audition. I am completely fine with wither Nail or Ryan, and I think they both are NHL calibre already. In my humble opinion, the Oilers next year will be a 6-11 seed in the West. Jason Garrison of the Florida Panthers is a likely UFA to join us, and I pray for Steve Tambellini to entice Justin Schultz in any way possible.

With the news of Raffi Torres’ indefinite suspension, maybe thing are looking up after all. Have a good day folks.


3D is Dead

3D is dead. The fad hit its peak in the first half of 2010. I recently saw the re-release of James Cameron’s fantastic 1997 epic “Titanic” and once again fell in love with the timeless story. And as it is true the film was projected in 3D, I watched it in crystal clear 2D. How you ask? By putting 2 right 3D lenses in one pair. Why you ask? Because it has come to the point where Hollywood  doesn’t care what the audience wants. So much, that fans weren’t even given the option to watch one of their favourite films the same way it was originally released, in 2D. It goes without saying that the studio system is so creatively bankrupt that they remain ignorant to the fact that 3D has been on life support since it hit its peak in the first half of 2010. Last summer we saw a dramatic increase in the amount of people who went out of their way to see the 2D version of a recent sequel/prequel/reboot over the 3D version. The number hovered around 40% and continued to drop throughout the year to an all time low of 30%.

While you may use the excuse that films like “The Lion King” and “Titanic” brought in great numbers for 3D, you’d be mistaken in saying that these examples are a sign of a 3D resurrection. For these films were hardly even given a 2D option, with theaters not offering a 2D alternative or scheduling their 1 showtime in the middle of a week day, when nobody goes to the theatre. And even with the 3D films of last summer, while it is true that the numbers showed 40% of audiences saw films in 3D, studio polling shows the number dropping to just under 10% representing the people who went to see the film because it was shown in 3D. Which means the LARGE majority of people would have gone to see the movie even if it was shown in 2D! Hollywood is kidding themselves. They’re taking the movie goer by the neck, holding them down, and force feeding 3D down their throats.

This summer we’ll see yet another abundant 3D line up including huge films like “The Avengers”, “Brave”, “The Amazing Spiderman”, and “Men in Black 3”. All of which will be undoubtedly successful. And Hollywood will once again use that as a weak tent pole to say “Look! 3D is alive and well! Box office numbers are high and healthy!”. But you know better. Theatre attendance will continue to diminish and, unless there is no 2D option, so will the 3D numbers. Only time will tell if 2D IMAX can edge its way into the silver screen more prominently, and save the day. But until then, Tinsel Town will be beating that dead horse.


Good startup ideas

Canada wants to open a new plan for entrepreneur immigrants to settle down in Canada if they have a good idea to start a new business with the private sectors. It seems a good idea that will create new jobs for some Canadians but the question is why the government seeks new immigrants to invest here and didn’t encourage already local skilled Canadians entrepreneurs they may have a creative ideas about projects but they didn’t have the financial support to make their ideas a reality and benefits unemployed Canadians in this uncertain time. Also, who will evaluate the good startup ideas and what criteria will be used to determine the feasibility of the “good startup ideas”. And how about already immigrants entrepreneurs settled in Canada did they do well and did they get support from the government or did they struggle to manage their business. Immigration is good for the economy but the bottom line is the government should focus in resolving the problem of job cuts that affects many Canadians by supporting Canadian youth entrepreneurs.


The List

I have had this long growing obsession with the show The Buried Life.  The show is about four guys who created a list of all the things they want to do before they die, and they go out and do them. Not only is the show very entertaining but it has also got me thinking about the things I want to accomplish in my life. Here are a few on my list:

  • Interview Sidney Crosby
  • Go Skydiving
  • Go on a safari
  • Make a difference in someone’s life
  • Save a life
  • Make someone laugh everyday
  • Make a million dollars
  • Be part of a fashion show
  • Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
  • Drive across the country with my best friends
  • Be on the Price is right
  • Get a tattoo
  • Be a leading lady in a blockbuster movie
  • Be a part of a dance mob
  • Backpack through Europe
  • See the Mona Lisa
  • Buy a motorcycle
  • Through a penny into the Trevi Fountain
  • Donate a year’s salary to my favorite charity
  • Be a contestant on the Amazing race with my dad

These are just a few, and my list keeps growing every day! It’s amazing how one show about four guys has made me and so many others realize what the world has to offer. So I challenge everyone to ask themselves, “What do you want to do before you die?” – The Buried Life

-Elise Darwish

Conficted Feelings About Technology

I recently got an i-phone.  It is a very exciting development.  I have traditionally been behind the curve where technology is concerned.  I also recently signed up for a twitter account and the combination of i-phone + twitter means that I am constantly filling any down time on my phone, reading random tid-bits about all kinds of topics.   I have also never been very on top of current affairs and news and my new i-phone/twitter combo has changed this – I am more informed then I have ever been (which is still, arguably, not very informed).

I love this new development in my life!  It makes me wonder why I waited so long to get on both of these trends.  What amazes me is how tailored these technologies are to my life – how they seem to know exactly how to cater to me and make life easier!  Needless to say I have been spending a lot of my time on my phone on twitter. I feel connected in a way that I never have before.

On the way to my boyfriend’s hockey game last night (which was a two hour drive) I passed the time by scrolling through my twitter feed and watching videos on my i-phone.  I came across a TED talk about the way technology is changing the way we connect with the people around us.  The woman in this video made a very convincing argument that technology, with all of its capabilities to connect millions of people across the globe, is actually disconnecting us from each other.  She pointed out that people are hiding behind their i-phones and blackberries, replacing human interaction with technological interaction.  She made a valid point – And as I was sitting in the car with my boyfriend’s parents, plugged into my i-phone, I realized she was right.


Here is the video if you are interested: